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HelpfulBots: Get Email Help from Artificial Intelligence

Enhance your business with AI-powered insights. From drafting professional emails to creating market analyses, email to let our AI assist you in elevating your work efficiency and accuracy.


Empower Your Inbox with Advanced AI

Transform your email into a powerful tool equipped with the capabilities of a high-end large language model. From answering complex queries to providing instant translations and protecting against potential threats, brings the power of AI directly to your email.


Proactive Scam Detection

Protect yourself from online threats with our email-based scam screening service. Forward suspicious emails or links to, and receive an analysis of their safety promptly, helping you avoid potential dangers.


Perfect Your Pitch!

Improve your social interactions with AI-crafted responses for personal or professional emails. Whether it's crafting the perfect job application or managing customer service queries, we're here to help you communicate more effectively.

Homework Help at Your Fingertips

Struggling with a tough assignment or need help understanding complex subjects? Just email your question, and receive detailed, easy-to-understand explanations and solutions.


Seamless Translation Services

Navigate global communications effortlessly. Send a message in any language, and receive a polished translation in your preferred language, delivered straight to your email.


Effortless Perfection

Have a draft that needs fine-tuning? Whether it's an important email, an academic paper, or a creative piece, just send it over to Our AI-driven service will meticulously analyze your text and provide detailed feedback to enhance clarity, impact, and style. Expect more than just corrections; get insightful suggestions that elevate your writing to a level of professional polish. Let us help you turn good writing into something truly exceptional, effortlessly.