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Don't let broken links, spelling errors, or security vulnerabilities tarnish your online presence. Supercharge your website with HelpfulBots, your automated guardian for impeccable digital experiences.

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Revolutionary Proofreading Scans

Experience flawless web content effortlessly. Our advanced scans instantly catch broken links, spelling blunders, and potential security risks, ensuring your website stands out for all the right reasons.


Set it and Forget it.

With a variety of customizable packages, our helpful bots will scan your website when you want, the way you want. Sign up and then relax: when a problem with your website is detected you will receive a prompt email notification that provides the exact location of the error.

Proactive Email Notifications

Stay steps ahead with our real-time email alerts. When an issue is detected, we won't just find it; we'll notify you promptly, empowering you to address problems swiftly and maintain an impeccable online reputation.

Combat Link Rot Effectively

Bid farewell to link rot. We actively prevent users from encountering broken links or missing images, preserving the integrity of your website and reinforcing its professionalism.


Tailored Scanning Packages

Customize your protection. With a diverse range of scanning packages, choose when and how you want HelpfulBots to ensure your website's health. Set it, forget it, and revel in peace of mind.


Effortless Perfection

Eliminate the embarrassment of spelling errors. We pinpoint and report misspellings, allowing you to rectify them before your audience even notices, maintaining the utmost professionalism.